LOL! 3-Year-Old Internet Sensation, Mila Stauffer, Shows Us How To Ditch Our ‘One-Upper’ Friend, ‘Karen’

So, Mila is about five-years-old now in 2020, but when we released this initially, she was three. This will forever be a classic because we know EVERYONE has a ONE-UPPER friend!

Three-year-old, Mila Stauffer is LIFE! She is everything the Internet was invented for. Mila has a twin Emma, who is less precocious than she is, but Mila has enough ‘Sas’ for her whole family, and then some.


The little lady resides in Arizona with her mother, Katie (who quit her job as an escrow officer to help cultivate Mila’s ‘career’), her father, Charley, who is a doctor, twin sister Emma, who is a star in her own rights, three older siblings including 15-year-old older sister, Kaitlin, who helps with the ‘family business of Mila.’ The ‘family business of Mila’ apparently yields more financially than the salary of Charley (their doctor father).


In this latest video, the young Stauffer is about to ‘cancel’ her friend ‘Karen’ who is a ‘one-upper’ (someone who always must seem like they’re doing something bigger than you are!). Watch, as Mila breaks down the relatable yet complicated ‘friendship’ she has with ‘Karen!’ We think we are going on a ‘Slay Vaca’ from a few friends, too. Prreaaaccch, Mila!

Here’s Miss Mila sleeping like an Angel:

Mila and Emma together:


Credit: KcStauffer IG

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